Morning Bagel: Umpires strike back

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• A great profile on every hardcore fan's favorite female umpire, Lynn Welch.

• It just keeps getting better for the USTA: Umpires are suing for overtime pay.

• More on umpires' skipping the U.S. Open, with quotes from Norm Chryst. Umpires absent from the tournament: Lars Graff, Mohamed Lahyani, Cedric Mourier and Steve Ullrich. FAIL.

• Greg Couch on the "incestuous" nature of tennis: "Multiple governing bodies overlap tournaments overlap agents overlap sponsors overlap TV networks. It’s not that these different groups fight one another for power so much as they are all in bed together."

• Peter Bodo wraps up Donald Young's U.S. Open run.

• I can't get myself motivated to complain about the roof because there's simply no feasible solution.

• The financial implications of the schedule change.

• Some good nuggets for discussion in Jon Wertheim's Thursday baguette.

• A fantastic analysis of the CVAC "egg" that caused quite a stir last week. Is it legal under WADA?

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