Morning Bagel: Djokovic vs. Nadal

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• There's no way around it. Today's match is huge for Rafael Nadal.

• Sam Stosur's win ranks among the most seismic upsets in recent tennis history.

• Andy Murray assesses his U.S. Open run and tells The Daily Record in Scotland: "In my opinion Rafa is the best player ever."

• Sam Stosur's bumpy road to brilliance.

• People are angry that Roger Federer called "The Forehand" a lucky shot. But he's not entirely wrong.

• What are Federer's chances of winning another Grand Slam title?

• Want a laugh? Read Tennis Served Fresh's breakdown of WTA headshots.

• Sam Stosur doesn't rely on on-court coaching. She just won a Slam. Coincidence?

The Washington Examinerranks the best U.S. Open men's finals in the Open era.

Serena Williams' temper is ageless

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