Daily Bagel: Novak Djokovic > Tom Brady

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(Warning: The video contains strong language.)

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Tom Brady is no Novak Djokovic.

• Novak Djokovic's success is actually hurting Sergio Tacchini. Must-read.

• Enjoyed this breakdown of "The Shot of the Tournament." And this one: "The Shot and the Confrontation."

• Mary Carillo weighs in on Serena's diatribe, as only Mary Carillo can.

• This week's Hang Up and Listen podcast talks about "The Incident."

• Serena, Beyonce and Kim (Kardashian, not Clijsters) at a Vera Wang show.

• Wired looks at the concept of "side spin."

• Sorry, Samantha Stosur. You're probably going to have to keep playing tennis.

• I don't get to listen to much commentary when I'm at a tournament. Liked the nuggets Bruce Jenkins pulled together here about the U.S. Open TV coverage.

• Positive signs for British tennis.

• Is Djokovic having the best season ever?

• Grantland revisits David Foster Wallace's famous essay "Federer as Religious Experience."