Daily Bagel: All about Eva

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(Credit to OnTheGoTennis.)

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• The Cult of Eva Asderaki. And here's an interview with the chair umpire before the U.S. Open.

• Was the reaction to Serena's meltdown indication of a double standard?

Novak Djokovic: "I see the boy who holds the racket with a lot of love, who plays tennis with passion, who dreams of being the best.”

• Ana Ivanovic is in Belgrade and plans to attend Serbia's Davis Cup tie against Argentina.

• Andy Murray will not be plucking his eyebrows anytime soon. In case you were wondering. I know I was.

• Nike has unveiled 2012 French Open kits for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

• "When we equate ourselves with someone who has made a breakthrough, we revel just as deeply in their joy as they do, and in some parallel universe believe we had something to do with their win." Yup.

• An interview with a tired Sam Stosur.

• Kids cheer for Djokovic. Until they realize he's not Rafa.

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