Daily Bagel: More scheduling outcries

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(Did you know he's hit so many of these things? I didn't.)

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• The Bob Hewitt saga gets worse: A 13-year old South African girl sought charges against him in 1981.

• Nice CNN piece on the original Musketeers and the new Musketeers.

Judy is a babe.

• Steve Tignor looks back on his most memorable moments from all four Slams.

• Childhood pics of Sam Stosur. And she had a lucky charm.

• Tennis players rally to aid flood victims in Pakistan.

• An interview with the ever-patriotic Liezel Huber.

• Andy Murray's suggestions on how to revamp the calendar.

• Patrick Rafter got a bit hot under the collar during their Davis Cup tie.

• Roger Federer: Team player. Also...what?

• Davis Cup schedule under threat?

• Should we institute a light meter in tennis? Can't see why not.

Except in soccer