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RIP Steve Jobs: Tennis players react

Hang around the tennis tour long enough and it's hard to ignore Apple's influence on the sport. The players' lounge is often a virtual Apple store, with Mac Books, iPhones, iPods and iPads tethered to the hands and ears of players of all ranks and sizes.

While it may sound trivial, it's difficult to underestimate how important it is for today's players, who spend so much time on the road away from family, friends and local culture, to have a virtual jukebox, library, movie theater and television set in their pockets at all times. Imagine trying to keep up with culture otherwise. It would be impossible.

So when the news hit Wednesday night that Steve Jobs had died, players took to Twitter to express their appreciation for the Apple co-founder's legacy as an innovator, free thinker and inventor of the products that have altered the way we live and communicate:

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