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Dinara Safina squashes retirement rumors

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It seems those rushing to declare Dinara Safina's career over will have to wait a little longer. In the wake of reports announcing her official retirement, citing her brother Marat as the source, Safina was forced for the third time in a week to confirm that she has not made a decision yet.

Safina took her blog last Friday when the initial rumors began, telling her fans that she was still in pain and was not sure when she would return to competitive tennis. Then she gave an exclusive interview to ESPN this week reiterating that she had not made a decision regarding her career yet. "To be honest, I'm not sure that I'm going to come back," she told ESPN. "But I don't want to say officially that I'm going to retire."

One would think that would be enough to quell the whispers, but the rumors continued to take hold Friday as official media accounts, journalists, players and fans began to report her retirement as fact.

So Safina went on Twitter to set the record straight:

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So there it is. Until you hear it from the player or the Tour, it's probably best not jump the gun and prematurely eulogize a player's career.

BTB's opinion was made clear on Monday