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Murray's interview takes a comical turn

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This Andy Murray Q&A with a Chinese reporter starts out fairly straightforward, with a few questions that are actually tennis-related (forehand vs. backhand, grass vs. hardcourts, New York vs. London, etc.). Then it gets progressively funnier when Murray finally has to make some hard decisions:

• Ana Ivanovic vs. Caroline Wozniacki: "Ivanovic. My girlfriend's father coaches her. Well, that's not the only reason..."

• Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic: "I'll say Rafa. I've known both of them since I was young, but I'll take Rafa."

• Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: "My two best friends support Barcelona and they're very annoying with the way they talk about them. So I like Real Madrid right now."

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Check out the rest of his surprising answers and stay tuned to the end for a rare hearty laugh from Murray: