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He Said/She Said: Stephens rocks Twitter

Sloane Stephens made quite a splash last month at the U.S. Open, winning her first Grand Slam main draw match and reaching the third round. But long before the 18-year-old American made a name for herself in the real world, she was already rocking the virtual world in the form of Twitter.

Here are a few of Stephens' best tweets of late. The young gun knows how to do it right.!/sloanetweets/status/129342066177228800!/sloanetweets/status/129969155372883969!/sloanetweets/status/102193990031515648!/sloanetweets/status/129386017034747904

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SI Recommends!/sloanetweets/status/129378433158488064!/sloanetweets/status/128912921152585728!/sloanetweets/status/128883686270705664!/sloanetweets/status/125261815172173825!/sloanetweets/status/122790254112550912!/sloanetweets/status/128565542687739904