Nadal opposes potential blue clay in Madrid

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Amid conflicting reports as to whether next year's tournament in Madrid will be played on blue clay (Spanish news site Marca initially confirmed the decision, only to retract the story hours later), Rafael Nadal took to Twitter to let his feelings about the matter be known. A rough translation? He's not a fan. Are you listening, Ion Tiriac?!/RafaelNadal/status/134288057997344768

"I read about the blue clay of Madrid! Is a shame for history and tradition of this surface..."!/RafaelNadal/status/134288393352912896

"I hope not to have to play one day on blue grass ;)...."

Actually, Google translates it to "bluegrass," so either Rafa is making a joke about Wimbledon, or he's declaring his dislike for the banjo. Really tough call.