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Fish hits a tweener ... Or does he?

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LONDON -- How does that old proverb go? If a tennis player hits a tweener, and no one saw that it actually wasn't a tweener, does a tree fall down in the woods after a woodchuck chucks it? Yeah, something like that.

With Jo-Wilfried Tsonga leading 4-2 in the first-set tiebreak Tuesday, Mardy Fish dug out a between-the-legs shot that he seemed to just barely scrape off the court. Tsonga won the point on the next shot, but it was still a pretty unbelievable get from Fish. Until you saw the replay and realized that it was, in fact, unbelievable -- because it never happened.

It looks like umpire Carlos Bernardes, whom Fish had been jawing with through the match, missed the fact that the ball actually bounced twice before he hit it.

Sorry, Mardy. "A" for effort but Bob Bryan is still the front-runner for Tweener of the Week.