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Memory Lane: Happy Thanksgiving!

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Chef David Zappala and the 1997 U.S. Davis Cup team (from left: Jonathan Stark, Pete Sampras, captain Tom Gullikson, Michael Chang and Todd Martin) spent Thanksgiving in Sweden ahead of the finals against the Swedes. (Cicci Jonson/AP)

Memory Lane is a recurring feature in which we dig through photo and video archives for classic moments.

I have been asked repeatedly by a number of Brits in London about Thanksgiving. They don't seem to understand how Americans can possibly eat turkey both on Thanksgiving and Christmas, to which I respond: A) Never underestimate our gluttonous abilities and, B) Last time I checked, America was all about freedom and part of that freedom is being able to eat turkey more than once a year.

So go nuts, America. Eat your turkey. Your 1997 Davis Cup team implores you.