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Daily Bagel: Laura Robson shows off her rap skills

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• The Internet came through. Video of Laura Robson rapping Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back on request is now live. Robson's right, this will haunt her forever. "I can't believe I said 'horny' on Israeli TV," the 18-year-old is caught muttering. Neither can we.

• Bernard Tomic has been forced to withdraw from next week's San Jose tournament in order to appear at a court hearing related to his numerous driving offenses. He's also selling his orange V8 BMW M3. It's unclear which he's more upset about (no, it's not).

• Victoria Azarenka's withdrawal from Belarus' Fed Cup tie against the U.S. was disappointing, though not surprising. But the world No. 1 didn't leave Worcester, Mass., without doing the necessary rounds with the press, which included some questions about her on-court bravado. "Azarenka has displayed a level of braggadocio that women’s tennis has not seen perhaps since the early days of Martina Hingis in the 1990s," writes Ben Rothenberg, "when she was dissecting opponents with vicious spins and a delighted grin. Azarenka’s confidence does not manifest itself in midmatch smiles, but rather in fist-pumps and struts."

• More analysis on the the recent trend towards longer men's matches. "While the most recent Grand Slam final was the slowest-played on record," writes Matthew Laird for Tennis Grandstand, "it is important to note that the top six slowest are also the six most recent. The 2011 Djokovic-Nadal U.S. Open took 56 seconds per point, their 2010 U.S. Open meeting took 52.4, the 2011 Australian Open between Djokovic and Murray took 51.8, the 2011 Djokovic-Nadal final at Wimbledon took 50.2, and the 2011 French Open between Nadal and Federer took 48 seconds for each point. Before the 2010 U.S. Open, no Grand Slam final had been ever played at a pace of 50 seconds per point or slower. Since then, all of them except one have."

• This mini-biography of Althea Gibson is worth a read/watch.

• Arantxa Sanchez Vicario says that despite earning $59 million in her career, her parents left her broke and she no longer speaks to her family.

• Good thing Bojana Jovanovski didn't have to play a Fed Cup tie in Switzerland. Read an ITF journalist's story of confusing Freiburg, Germany with Fribourg, Switzerland. I think I would have ended up in Germany, too.

• Highly recommend a click through these pictures of the Russian Fed Cup team in Moscow.

• Non-tennis: Credit to Dan Wetzel's reporting and writing skills. The Yahoo! Sports columnist actually made me feel sorry for a multimillionaire athlete who's married to Gisele Bundchen.

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