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Daily Bagel: The pressure of being a Djokovic

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• Novak Djokovic's girlfriend, Jelena Ristic, has become a staple in his player's box. And if you've never heard her speak, here's video of a photo shoot the couple did in the English countryside from August, 2011. Spoiler alert: Her English is better than Novak's.

• According to Novak, it's not easy being his kid brother. "In the end, he has to face this, I guess, pressure in a way for having Djokovic surname," Djokovic said of his younger brother Marko, ranked No. 869 in the world. "All over the world where he plays tennis, I guess he has to face this pressure that is not necessary for him at this age. In all his junior tournaments and all these years that he's been playing tennis he's been compared to me when I was that age. It's absolutely different."

• Ivan Lendl says Andy Murray has been positive after his Australian Open loss to Novak Djokovic. “That's not to say that he's definitely going to go on a tear right now," Lendl said.  "No one knows what's going to happen but I didn't notice any signs of him being down or anything like that.”

• Bruce Jenkins gives Caroline Wozniacki a history lesson on the greatness that is Martina Navratilova. "Navratilova wins 18 majors, Wozniacki has none. And yet, Wozniacki dares challenge Martina for being honest and forthright on the air. It's not as if she hacks away at every player she covers. Quite the opposite; If Martina is taken by a player's style or resolve, she'll say so. She doesn't feel the need to "stir everything up," as Wozniacki claimed."

• Non-tennis: Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball, says the interest in sports will never wane. Why? Because our thirst for the unexpected will never be quenched.

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