Bernard Tomic: Dad right coach for me

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Bernard Tomic insists that his relationship with his father/coach is fine, despite seeking to have him removed from the stands during a recent match at the Sony Ericsson Open.

"I don't know how it makes news," the 19-year-old Australian said of the incident in Miami, where he complained to chair umpire Cedric Mourier that John Tomic was annoying him and then thanked the official for warning his father about illegal coaching.

"It's a complete load of crap how that makes news," Tomic told reporters in Brisbane, Australia.

Tomic, who is ranked No. 36, said his father remains the right person to coach him.

"Father-son relationships are always a bit tricky," he said, "but there's no doubt my dad will be there for me. I have gotten to where I am because of him."