Daily Bagel: Dominance at the top

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• You could do worse than to have "Quake" as your doubles team nickname. Sam Querrey and James Blake won the doubles title in Houston over the weekend, which means they got to participate in a Houston tradition: The Cannonball.

• Jason Gay explains why dominance is good for sports.

Dominance has been very good for men's tennis. It's focused the sport, enhanced its biggest stars, and elevated the era; any combination of Federer v. Nadal v. Djokovic feels unmissable, since this may never arise again. Golf, by contrast, finds itself in a post-Tiger personality and attention deficit -- Masters TV ratings were down, and though Watson was an enormously likable Masters champ, he's already 33, still a 5-iron from being a household name.

• Caroline Wozniacki tweets that she never said tennis players were underpaid. I assume she's referring to this Q&A published in the Telegraph?

"I think tennis players are actually underpaid, but I might be a little biased. I like to think we are rewarded for the hard work we put in."

Andy Murray got a haircut. His explanation: "I had to cut my hair and that's what happened." Yes, but why the GI Jane look?

• The Australian Press Council ruled that the Herald Sun failed to meet its press obligations when it published an editorial letter written by Margaret Court online, wherein she states that sexuality is a choice.

The Council concluded that the newspaper was entitled to publish the article, even though it was likely to cause widespread offence, provided that it gave opportunities for prompt and extensive expression of other views. As the factual assertion about choice of sexuality was very probably inaccurate and potentially dangerous, the newspaper should either have edited it or published accompanying rebuttal (preferably from an authoritative source).

• Nice tribute to Ivan Ljubicic here from the ATP. Ljubicic's lost his first-round match in Monte Carlo to Ivan Dodig, 6-0, 6-3. And thus begins his retirement.

• Matt Cronin reports that the ATP 250 event in San Jose may move to Memphis. Tough to understand why that tournament couldn't get more recent traction in the Bay Area, given the extensive amount of money available in Silicon Valley.

• Zeljko Krajan tweeted over the weekend that he's ended his coaching relationship with Dominika Cibulkova.

• Sven Groeneveld is taking a more active role in Caroline Wozniacki's development. We'll see how that pans out. Let's not forget, Piotr Wozniacki was A-OK with bringing in Ricardo Sanchez, too. Until he wasn't.

• Thanks, internet: Capybaras that look like Rafael Nadal.

• There is a play being staged in New York called "Federer vs. Murray".

• Congrats to Guillermo Coria and his wife, who welcomed the birth of his first child, Thiago, last week.

• Non-tennis: As this 86-year-old German woman proves, it's never too late to become a gymnast.

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