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Daily Bagel: Lleyton Hewitt eyes return at French Open

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• Roger Federer gives his wife, Mirka, a Mother's Day kiss as his twin daughters look on. "Ewwww ... quit it, mom and dad!" the invisible thought bubble says.

Lleyton Hewitt hopes to return at the French Open after making a speedy recovery from foot surgery. Hewitt will try to extend his streak of consecutive years making the third round to a remarkable 11th straight year, but one wonders if he'd be better off resting and training for Wimbledon.

• A few final hits from Madrid: Steve Tignor and Christopher Clarey offer their final thoughts on Madrid's blue clay, and I missed this quote from Federer the first time around because I was on a plane:

"If you want to be a good claycourt player, you must be able to play everywhere. Madrid has taken a gamble with blue clay. It's always a little different here because of the altitude and we must sit down with the other players to discuss it. It is slippy, there's no doubt about that but that has been the case here for a few years. They haven't yet found the perfect balance. Our job each day is to adapt to the conditions that we face."

• Longtime tournament manager Charlie Pasarell is stepping down from his management position at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. He'll leave the tournament in the experienced hands of Steve Simon and Raymond Moore. And yes, don't panic: Larry Ellison is still involved.

• Peter Bodo wonders if there are too many Masters events and whether that's going to be a problem as the sport continues to grow.

• Nice photo recap of Monday's action in Rome. The text is in Italian, but the pictures are universal.

• The Bryans are snapped by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue.

• A gallery of pics of the WTA's publicity efforts in Rome over the weekend.

• Non-tennis: Bookmarked blog: The Worst Things For Sale.

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