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Daily Bagel: Venus Williams opens up

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• Video: An ATP Uncovered piece on Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal chasing history in Paris.

• Nice interview here with Venus Williams on her journey to come back after being diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome. When she lost energy, she turned to singing to pick her spirits back up. But her condition still has a major effect on her life.

“I always tell people it’s like going to the races. The other cars are ready. The drivers are prepared.” Only Williams is not ready, not prepared the way she wants to be. “So you have to be more confident than everyone else.” She paused, sighed and collected herself.

“I’m not in control,” she said. “I’m getting used to that. That’s how my life is now. But I’m here. It could be a lot worse.”

•'s Bruce Jenkins breaks down the television coverage across three networksafter the first three days of the French Open.

This marks a major breakthrough, though, for Tennis Channel in particular. It shows a ton of self-confidence when you're not afraid to promote a rival network, even if it means a temporary loss of viewership. It also gives TC a chance to show off its product at full strength, as opposed to being stifled by limited resources -- so evident two weeks ago in Madrid, when TC couldn't show a single women's match until the tournament was five days old.

• Steve Tignor spends a couple of days watching the "Fun to Watch," including one of my pet favorites, Benoit Paire. They may never win anything, but boy they give you a ride.

• Our friends over at Busted Racquet captured the moment when Serena Williams seemed to struggle emotionally after she dropped the second set to Virginie Razzano. Here's a question: Do these human moments from Serena make you less likely to believe in her aura of "invincibility"?

• Victoria Azarenka is blogging for USA Today through the French Open.

• Non-tennis: A two-week journey across America to find out what Americans really think of France today.

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