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Fashion expert weighs in on men's Olympic kits

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WIMBLEDON, England -- Never mind the covered logos, the new color scheme, the flash mobs and crowds speaking -- without being chastised by the umpire -- during points. The biggest difference between Wimbledon and the Olympic tennis event is the suspension of the all-white dress code. Players have been taken the court in a riot of colors and styles.

We all have opinions about fashion, but some are better informed than others. Jill Bream, a New York-based stylist, who's worked with Jay-Z among others, is on the grounds here at the All England Club. We enlisted her keen eye and sartorial sensibilities and asked her to assess the attire -- "kits," the kids call 'em -- of the tennis players in the field.

(Click here for Courtney Nguyen's photo roundup.)

5. Gilles Simon, France: "The French are sartorialists at heart. Gilles stepped it up with a polo shirt in his country's colors. He'll never look back and think, "what the hell was I wearing at the 2012 Olympics?" Classy and classic."

4. Feliciano Lopez, Spain: "Feliciano's long headband is about as wild and Spanish as it gets. The red and yellow shirt couldn't look better with his tan (you know you're thinking the same thing)."

3. Lleyton Hewitt, Australia: "Everyone knows faux hawks are a big no-no but Lleyton's is working for me. That plus the bright yellow shirt screams the laid back vibe everyone associates with Australia."

2. Roger Federer, Switzerland: "Fact: Roger Federer always looks impeccable on court. It's no different for the Olympics. I love the take on his usual polo shirt with the black piping and small zipper. Everything from his wristbands to racket are perfectly coordinated (per usual). And the William Tell apple! It's all too much. I'd give him the #1 spot but I think he's won enough."

1. Andy Murray, Great Britain: "Stella McCartney designed all of Great Britain's Olympic uniforms and Andy Murray is wearing his well. The blown up blue union jack stands out and his uniform has been the most talked about here at Wimbledon."

Honorable Mention: Milos Raonic, Canada: "Looked like a Fed-in-Training with his coordinated red and white. Also, he has the most beautiful legs I have ever laid eyes on. So...points for that."

Her, um, not top men:

• "I love Andy Roddick but his shirts are just too big (common problem with men)."

• "Novak Djokovic just started his new partnership with Uniqlo but you think they'd give him a color other than white. Wimbledon was weeks ago."

• "Anyone who didn't change their sweaty shirt mid-match to show us all their abs."

Added note: Nails nails nails! All the various patriotic nail art walking around the grounds is very fun and it's almost all coming from players.

5. Ana Ivanovic, Serbia; Angelique Kerber, Germany; Maria Kirilenko, Russia, (among others): Adidas made polos with a little shawl collar. They look good on everyone I've seen wearing them. They're pretty and even a little elegant.

4. Serena Williams, USA: Something about her singles outfit reminds me of a vintage speedo. I love vintage speedos. She's also on trend with her color blocking of red, white and blue. Bonus Points: The gold Casio watch she's been wearing is not 500K like a lot of watches the men wear.

3.Victoria Azarenka, Belarus: She looks like a warrior in red and green, which are perfectly placed throughout her body via pieces of fabric. Not a fan of her screaming gobbles but I suppose those also go along with the warrior vibe. So does her braid and headband combo. She's my vote for most likely to be cast in the Hunger Games over here at Olympics tennis.

2. Maria Sharapova, Russia: Is it acceptable to say the back of a tennis shirt is beautiful? Well, I've decided Maria's is as close to beautiful as tennis clothing gets. I can't stop staring at it whenever she's playing. She's the tennis mom at the club everyone hates. You know the one - even though she's sweating, she does it while still looking gorgeous. Bonus Points: The Russian warm ups are pretty great.

1. Venus Williams, USA: Venus looks like an excited kid on the 4th of July! USA manicure! Red, white and blue braids! Collecting pins everywhere! With so much flare she's calmed her clothes down, therefore creating the perfect mix of business and pleasure.