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Daily Bagel: Tommy Haas' resurgence

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• Video: Roger Federer talks about the tough shift to hard courts after over a month on grass.

• From outside the top 100 10 weeks ago to the top 25, Tommy Haas is the hottest player on tour right now. That's right, Tommy Haas:

"I won't lie. In some ways it's very surprising," said Haas, who's ranked No. 23. "But at the same time, it's a feeling of a lot of satisfaction. Once the year is done, I'm sure I'm going to look back and just be like, 'Holy s---. What kind of year did I have, out of nowhere really?'"

• Looking at the rise of Canadian tennis. Our neighbors to the north have something pretty good going on.

• Roger Federer said in Cincinnati that he wanted to write Rafael Nadal a note to see how he's doing. @PseudoFed took a stab at the first draft:

I understand you are having problems with the knees. I am sorry to hear this. During Wimbledon I had the little back problems but this went away. Do your doctors know why this is happening? Thank you for pulling out of so many tournaments. As they say, “It is better to be safe than make the apologies”.

• Need to know what Novak Djokovic is up to at all times? There's an app for that.

• Angelique Kerber is blogging for the WTA while in Cincinnati. She offers a good reminder about how far she's come in the last year:

A year ago I was back home in Germany, training and preparing for Dallas. I wasn't here in Cincinnati. I wasn't in the Top 100.

• A dispatch from an event in the Hamptons hosted by Venus Williams to support her clothing line, which featured the one and only Vince Spadea, who's a teaching pro now:

Spadea has been teaching in the Hamptons since June, for $250 an hour. He said he’s involved with a few ventures, including instructional videos and a Los Angeles-based talent- management firm. “There are different forks in the road for me and I haven’t merged onto one,” he said. His career prize money exceeded $5 million. While he declined to discuss his finances today, he said after hotels, airfare and other expenses, a pro typically saves about a quarter of his prize money. His exhibition and endorsement income was about $2 million, he said.

• Do not. Google. Andy Murray.

• Non-tennis: A tech writer checks in after spending three months away from the Internet.

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