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Always entertaining, Novak Djokovic responds to marriage proposal


How do you get Novak Djokovic to invite you on court at the U.S. Open and hit with you? Well apparently all you have to do is offer a marriage proposal, as the young kid in the video above did.

That being said, there is a not-too-small part of me that thinks this whole run-in might have been staged. By the tournament, by Djokovic, by a sponsor, I don't know. All I know is that if I were a fan so rabid as to shout a marriage proposal at my favorite player, I would fuh-reak out if the player A) acknowledged my proposal, B) saw me, C) shook my hand, D) invited me on the court and E) watched me from a yard away as I tried to hit serves into the court.

This young fan was unfazed by all of it. He doesn't seem to hesitate at all when Djokovic invited him onto the court and he nonchalantly hands Djokovic his stuff as he takes a ball and confidently struts forward to serve. Also? The kid is, like, super good at tennis. What are the odds?

But for me, the dead giveaway: the Security Guard. The guy doesn't even flinch when the kid hops on court.

So what do you think? Endearingly spontaneous or pre-planned publicity stunt? Sound off in the comments with your take.