Daily Bagel: Andy Roddick tribute

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• Video: ATP Uncovered talks about rivalries.

• Nice tribute to Andy Roddick here from Karen Crouse for the New York Times.

He’s a study in contradictions: a born entertainer who doesn’t like to leave home; a team player in an individual sport; a deep feeler who is quick to give you a piece of his mind or the shirt off his back; a lunch-pail prodigy.

• The U.S. Open is breaking attendance records. Great for the event, not so great for fans, who have to deal with the collateral effects of the crowded grounds.

The expansions thus far have aided the experience, said Carrie Zegarski, an architect in Warren, N.J., who has attended the Open since she was a child. “It’s much, much better than it used to be,” she said Monday.

Ann Sayer, from Santa Cruz, Calif., has visited all four Grand Slam tournaments but said that Friday’s record crowd was awful. “There were lines for food, for water, for the ladies’ room, for everything,” Sayer said. “And when it gets into the 90s, you just want to bail.”

• Davis Cup captain Jim Courier tells Christopher Clarey that John Isner's subpar form is due to fatigue.

“I think fatigue makes cowards of us all and causes bad choices,” said Courier, who attributes much of Isner’s struggles to an overpacked schedule. “I’m not saying John played cowardly tennis, but I think his shot selection has been slightly too erratic. I think when you have a tired mind and tired legs, you make poor choices.”

• Non-tennis: Check out this amazing table tennis shot by Great Britain's David Wetherill at the London Paralympic Games.

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