Daily Bagel: It's Andy Murray's world

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• Video: Watch as Andy Murray serves out the U.S. Open title on Monday, has a generally more subdued reaction than the Sky Sports commentators and then freaks out (at the 5:20 mark) because he can't find his watch. Don't ever change, Andy.

S.L. Price on Murray's breakthrough victory:

Murray also carried with him 76 years of history, a nation's endless want, a pressure that no one seemed all that interested in easing. Just about every famous Scot poured into his post-match press conference after the [Tomas] Berdych win: [Sean] Connery ("Judy, Judy, Judy!"), [Manchester United coach Sir Alex] Ferguson ("Scotland invented the world: Today we invented the wind!") and Judy [Murray] herself. ("He made me have wine....") You half expected Jackie Stewart, Fat Bastard, and a blue-and-white faced Mel Gibson to come barreling in next, flinging handfuls of haggis. But Murray only laughed.

• Grantland's Brian Phillips recaps the U.S. Open men's final. At least he tries to:

That was … well, let's just say that the American TV audience had two major sporting events to choose from last night. One was a violent, fast-paced assault on the limits of the human body. The other was Monday Night Football.

• The outcome of Monday's U.S. Open final made some British reporters cry.

• Murray's triumph is the antithesis of British failure, as Reuters' Martyn Herman writes:

The 25-year-old's refusal to accept second best in Monday's U.S. Open final against Serbian ironman Novak Djokovic, to stare defeat in the face and still find the will to outlast one of sport's greatest warriors are not qualities to be found in any of Britain's Lawn Tennis Association coaching manuals. If they were, Scot Murray might not be ploughing a lone furrow in the world's top 100 in which he is the only British male.

• Things you learn from Jon Wertheim's 50 thoughts from the U.S. Open: Rafael Nadal is targeting the 2016 Rio Games as his career finale, and there are lots of questions about whether Patrick McEnroe should be allowed to commentate for ESPN.

Pretty great photo of Murray with the U.S. Open trophy and his girlfriend, Kim Sears.

• Diane Dees of Women Who Serve gives her top 10 moments of the U.S. Open.

• Nice roundup of some post-U.S. Open activities with Victoria Azarenka, Li Na, Milos Raonic, Maria Sharapova and Laura Robson.

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