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Tweets of the Week: Babies, costumes and romance

Robin Soderling is a proud father and Andrea Petkovic disses Twilight. Here are some of the best dispatches from Twitter this week.

Tweet of the week: Ladies and gentlemen, Sergey Demekhine is back. The easy-on-the-eyes former coach of Vera Zvonareva is apparently back in the coaching box, this time with 18-year-old Russian Margarita Gasparyan. There was much rejoicing.

Best of the rest

10. The Great One: Christina McHale quietly rules the sporting celebrity Twitter picture world. She was one of the few players to get a picture with Ryan Lochte at the Olympics and now she's nabbed Steffi Graf.

9. History maker: Jesse Levine has a laugh at becoming the answer to a very obscure trivia question.

8. Vampire diaries: Andrea Petkovic shows off her imaginary love-bite.

7. Serena being Serena: I'm not sure "2ed" is in anyone's dictionary, Serena.

SI Recommends

6. Baby Sod: Proud papa Robin Soderling shows off a future WTA star. But will she fistpump like Papa?

5. Checking in on McWozzilroy: Yup. Still saccharine-sweet.

4. Keep in clean: Former pro Rennae Stubbs let's loose her disappointment in Lance Armstrong.

3. Gobble, gobble: Maria Sharapova has arrived to Istanbul early.

2. Gael calls it a season: Get well, La Monf.

1. Angry Dogs: I mean, would Andy Murray's dogs be anything but?