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Daily Bagel: Federer gets rousing welcome at Swiss Indoors

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• Video: Check out Roger Federer's reception in Basel, where he returns to the tournament ranked No. 1 for the first time since 2009.

• Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams speak about the Australian Open pay bump. On the issue of distribution, Sharapova doesn't think first round losers should necessarily get a bump, preferring instead to reward the early round winners. As for Serena, she's stressing patience.

"I know everyone's complaining about the amount of prize money, but it was a good increase,” she told We know the tournaments are making so much money off of us. We can't start out asking for 30-40 percent [more]. Hopefully we can gradually make more progress every year.''

• Dinara Safina, who visited Dr. Luis Garcia del Moral's Valencia clinic for fatigue in 2007, says he never treated her.

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“How did our names get into the USADA report? Del Moral has, in fact, the only clinic in Valencia, where sportspeople can undergo tests before the start of the season and at its end. And we gave those tests in that clinic: ran on the treadmill, gave blood from our ear, and so on.... So we were there for clinical examination, got our test results and that concluded our dealings. Del Moral didn’t give us any advice and didn’t manage our cases.”

• Christopher Clarey looks at the best moments of the 2012 WTA season for The New York Times.

• More heaping on Bernard Tomic by the Aussies. Darren Cahill thinks pairing the teen with Roger Rasheed might be the answer.

Respected analyst Darren Cahill, the former coach of world No.1s Lleyton Hewitt and Andre Agassi, on Tuesday urged Tomic to call an immediate end to his flagging season. "Someone needs to put Bernie Tomic on the flying kangaroo. Year was done weeks ago. Charge up the batteries, get faster & stronger for 2013," Cahill tweeted.

• Non-tennis: How the presidential campaign is being viewed around the world.

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