Caroline Wozniacki goes dark

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Caroline Wozniacki tries out a new look. (Facebook)


Caroline Wozniacki loves herself a good prank. The former No. 1 hasn't met a press conference she didn't want to crash, and her penchant for imitations is, unfortunately, well-documented. Bless her for her perseverance. She just won't stop trying.

On Thursday, the Dane went for the ol' "Hey guys, I got a crazy new haircut" trick on her Facebook page, posting a picture of herself with a chic raven bob. I wonder what the occasion was for Wozniacki to mix things up with the wig? She'd fit right in at a Pulp Fiction costume party, that's for sure.

Too bad we already got punked by one Maria Sharapova, who caused quite the outrage when she posted a more feasible wig-job on her Facebook page last April. Poor Caroline. Will she ever get a practical joke right?

Wozniacki is back in Monte Carlo

in the Swiss Alps