The return of 'Serena Fridays' on Twitter

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Serena has had a busy and successful 2013 so far, including bringing home her sixth Sony Open title. (Osama Faisal/AP)

Serena Williams

Today marked the return of "Serena Friday," which just so happens to be one of my favorite kinds of Fridays.

Serena Williams opened up the floor to her Twitter followers for an impromptu Q&A session. We learned that Rafael Nadal is giving her tips on how to win the French Open (uh oh!), she's ticklish and she won't be taking over any coaching gigs once her tennis career is over.

After the jump, check out her various exchanges with followers (along with questions left unanswered).

But perhaps even more revealing than Serena's answers to a select number of questions are the questions she chose not to answer. Here are 20 of the best questions that Serena didn't choose to answer. I hope you guys are cool with me stealing some of these for her next press conference. Inquiring minds want to know!