Sergiy Stakhovsky tweets iPhone picture of spot from disputed call

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Sergiy Stakhovsky takes a picture of a ball mark during his first-round loss to Richard Gasquet. (Michel Spingler/AP)

Sergey Stakhovsky takes a picture of a ball mark during his first round loss to Richard Gasquet. (AP Photo/Michel Spingler)

Say this about Sergiy Stakhovsky: He's got a schtick.

The Ukrainian journeyman received a warning after he used his cell phone to take a picture of a disputed ball mark during the first set of his 6-1, 6-4, 6-3 loss to No. 7 Richard Gasquet in the first round of the French Open on Monday. Stakhovsky argued that the ball was in, but the umpire disagreed, ruling it was out. On the change of ends, Stakhovsky grabbed his iPhone and took a photo of the disputed mark and received a warning from the chair.

Here's the picture he took. In or out?

"I think he was pretty sure the ball was on the line," Gasquet said. "I agree it was very close. He's a funny guy. I think he's one of the funniest guys in the draw." Gasquet said Stakhovsky's antics didn't distract him at all. "I think it was a funny situation. As I said, he's a very funny guy, smart guy, so I have no problem about it."

This isn't the first time Stakhovsky has resorted to CSI-type tactics while disputing an umpire's reading of a mark on clay. He did it in Munich a few weeks ago, when he argued vehemently that a ball was out. After the match he tweeted the picture he took and, lo and behold, a number of experts disagreed with him.

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