Daily Bagel: John Tomic won't be allowed on Wimbledon grounds

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• Video: Marion Bartoli's Road to Roland Garros video is very funny.

• No surprise here: Christopher Clarey reports that John Tomic will be barred from Wimbledon grounds.

• Kamakshi Tandon breaks down how you beat Rafael Nadal on clay. Seems pretty simple.

• Ernests Gulbis is many things, but he is not a man who tries to win with gamesmanship.

“I don’t wish nobody to fight five sets and cramps. Let them play how they play. I want to have a good opponent not and injured tired one,” he said, also indicating he likes to win fair and square and isn’t a big fan of on-court shenanigans like what he experienced with opponent Viktor Troicki recently.

He added: “I can sometimes be somewhat disrespectful in some press conferences but when I play I really want to respect the opponent. I don’t want to take medical timeouts. I don’t like to screw up the other player’s rhythm. I don’t like this. I want that the better player wins without any screwing games.”

• The Aussies are getting very excited over Nick Kyrgios. Another Aussie teen, Ashleigh Barty, is also into the second round after beating Lucie Hradecka on Wednesday.

• Lindsay Gibbs has something to say to people who don't understand Marion Bartoli: Marion Bartoli can hog my stage anytime.

Plus, in a tennis world that is becoming alarmingly uniform and cookie-cutter, Bartoli matches are must-see theatre. They’re an experience that make you question everything you know and love about the sport of tennis. Sometimes they’re painful, sometimes they’re confusing, sometimes they’re inspiring, but they’re NEVER boring.

• With renovations in limbo, Roland Garros' future looks somewhat uncertain.

“To save the tournament, we have to be able to make [the renovations] a reality,” said Jean Gachassin, the president of the French Tennis Federation.

Save the tournament?

“By save it, I mean that without this project, we’re going to be in competition with other countries who want to do the same thing,” Gachassin said. “I know we are being threatened by certain regions of the world like Asia, or a Qatar, who has lots of money and want to build big stadiums. But there won’t be the soul and the history, just lots of money."’

• Great stuff from Kimiko Date-Krumm on how her husband had helped her relax and enjoy this second career.

"For example, last night before my first match, I wanted to control everything: what time I need to eat, what time I need to sleep, what time I need to wake up, what time I need to start stretching," she explained.

That is where Krumm stepped in.

"You need to sometimes drink wine before the match, even before the match, relax. He tried to change this, because sometimes I'm a little bit too strict with myself," she said.

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