Daily Bagel: All phone and games?

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• Video: Grigor Dimitrov and Jelena Jankovic face off in a trivia contest.

• Players' use of iPhones during matches has kept things fun the first week of the French Open, but Roger Federer reminds us that they also potentially could be used for illegal coaching.

Federer said he can see the funny side of such incidents but felt action might be needed to prevent on-court coaching.

"It's only going to happen more," the world number three told reporters.

"I think it's pretty funny, actually. The problem is that clearly there could be coaching going on through mobile devices.

"It would probably be so easy to do. Go to the toilet and you hide it somewhere ‑ I'm just saying anything is possible. You have to hope that the players use it in a funny way and it's not meant to be bad or disrespectful."

The use of phones on court is prohibited with officials instructed that no electronic device be permitted "during matches unless approved by the ITF supervisor/referee".

If officials suspect a player has used a device to receive coaching, they could issue a fine of up to $20,000.

• Doug Robson picks up on the theme of concern over smart-phone use in a story for USA Today.

• Insightful take on Ernests Gulbis from Steve Tignor. He is how he is -- which I argue is refreshing -- because he doesn't have to play for prize money or sponsors.

We can make too much of a player’s background and upbringing when we analyze what they say and do, but it’s worth noting again that Gulbis comes from money. It's possible that, over the years, this has made him believe that he could say whatever he thought and do whatever he wanted, without having to worry about repercussions. It may have given him the freedom to have the personality he has. Tennis can use a Gulbis or two in its ranks, but not everyone can talk like him.

• Gulbis has a way of inspiring some great tennis writing, and no piece has made me laugh louder than this take by Alix Ramsay for Tennishorts.

You see, Ernie does not hold with this Mutual Admiration Society malarkey at the top end of the rankings: Roger loves Rafa, admires Nole and gives Muzza due credit; Rafa loves Roger and Muzza and has the deepest respect for Nole; Nole admires everyone and then beats the pants off them while Muzza has known Nole since they were boys together in the juniors, thinks Rafa is the toppest of top blokes and has the utmost respect for Rodge and his 17 grand slam trophies. Of course, the greatest love is that shown to Roger by Roger – but we have all known that for years. It is no wonder he always has the cleanest and closest of shaves: he must spend hours staring into the mirror every morning.

Anyway, Ernie thinks this mutual love-in is a load of olds codswallop.

• Andy Murray says he's intentionally boring in interviews to avoid controversy.

"You don't get to see what people are really like from in front of the TV. It is very easy to be false and fake in front of the camera.

"But to tell jokes and be fun all the time, that's not actually very hard to do. If you are going to be truthful and tell things like they are, that is much harder."

• The Changeover's Linsday Gibbs on the ATP player who reminds her of a guilty-pleasure TV show you can't stop watching.

Comcast scores a win over Tennis Channel in the court of appeal.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that Tennis Channel had failed to prove that Comcast had discriminated against it by placing the channel in a higher-priced sports tier with fewer subscribers.

"This could be absolutely devastating financially to the Tennis Channel," said media analyst Derek Baine of consulting firm SNL Kagan.

The decision reversed a finding last year by the Federal Communications Commission that Comcast had illegally put the tiny Santa Monica channel at a competitive disadvantage.

• Non-tennis: Whether you like the band the National, hate the National or have no idea who the National is, this is just a great piece of writing.