SI Insider: Sports Psychologist Dr. Jonathan Katz Is This Week's Guest on 'Beyond the Baseline'

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This week on 'Beyond the Baseline' we sort of zigged where everyone else was zagging. And our guest this week is Dr. Jonathan Katz, who's a sports psychologist. 

He's worked with the New York Rangers hockey team, he's worked with college programs, and he's worked with a number of pro athletes - including including tennis players. And one thing we talk about is since we've had this postponement of sports, there's been a lot of talk about how to athletes stay in shape, how do they keep up their conditioning. 

We talked about the mental side of what has been going on - and it's been traumatic for a lot of athletes. Not only to sort of be out of a job and not have a paycheck like millions of other Americans, but also how irregular it is for them to not be in competition. 

This is something a lot of them have done for decades and decades, sports do not have a long career shelf life. 

There are Olympic athletes right now who thought they were going to Tokyo, who now we're unsure if they will even be able to make it when the Olympics happen, knock on wood, in 2021. So this week on 'Beyond the Baseline', we talk a lot about the mental components and the emotional side of this break that athletes are facing. 

Jonathan Katz has a background tennis, but really this is applicable to the mental health of all athletes.