SI Insider: When Can We Expect For Tennis To Return?

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I think the challenge of tennis is also its great virtue, which is that it's a global sport that is played everywhere and by everyone, and in some ways, this is a great asset to tennis. But in this instance, it's really a complication. This isn't as simple as, hey, this football team and that football team can go into a stadium. You're talking about events that have players from dozens and dozens of countries. They have different health standards, different players from different countries are in a different point in this crisis, and it's going to be hard for tennis to get back soon. 

I think people are looking at the end of the year, and that might be optimistic. That would be great if that happens. Right now, we're at the calendar point where basically we're canceled through midway through August. The next sort of domino as we talk right now is the U.S. Open, which of course, is right around Labor Day weekend. It's hard to imagine a big event in Queens, New York, which happens to be the epicenter for Coronavirus right now. 

We're looking at other alternatives, I'm told. Right now, the French Open has moved its dates to start early October. However, through September, all sporting events in France are canceled. So, again, tennis has a lot of challenges getting back. Hopefully we'll see some matches before the end of the year, but I think Andy Murray is right. I think tennis is going to be one of the last sports, again, for reasons that are ultimately to the sport's credit. But they are not helping matters when it's time to relaunch. A very unique challenge, as you mentioned, for a global sport.