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Connecticut Man Uses Lucha Libre Move to Thwart Attempted Armed Robbery

This would-be robber had a knife, but he messed with the wrong guy. 

A would-be robber in Connecticut messed with the wrong guy. 

Police told the Stamford Advocate that a 57-year-old man was confronted early Saturday morning by a man wielding a knife and demanding money. At first, the unnamed victim retreated, police said, but then realized he could employ his lucha libre training to subdue the attacker. 

“He punched [suspect Israel] Torres in the face and conducted a takedown move on him,” Sgt. Robert Shawinsky told the Advocate

The victim then pinned Torres to the ground while waiting for police to respond. Torres, who faces a robbery charge, denied that the knife was his and claimed he was in fact the victim of a random attack. 

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Shawinsky didn’t specify what kind of move the victim executed, but it’s safe to assume it was something simple like a double-leg. There’s no time for Hurricanranas when the other guy has a knife.