Pro Wrestler Named ‘Manic’ Helps Police Detain Threatening Man at Denny’s

The assailant was reportedly intoxicated and yelled that he had a knife prior to being detained by police.
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Nick McCune, an independent pro wrestler who competes under the name "Manic," reportedly helped police detain someone at a Denny's restaurant in Altoona, Pa., over the weekend, according to WTAJ.

Police told WTAJ that Richard Hart, 31, was intoxicated inside of the restaurant and yelled at patrons that he had a knife when the incident occurred.

A witness sent WTAJ the video below, which depicts the scene as a second officer arrives. Manic is shown wearing a black tank top, purple shorts and a black beanie prior to walking away.

Hart, who is shown resisting the arrest in the video, allegedly threatened to shoot the officers detaining him. He was eventually arrested in Blair Count Prison on aggravated assault of an officer, among other charges.