The Strike Zone

Watch: Dee Gordon doubles on ground ball to second base

The headline says it all. With the bases empty and two outs in the bottom of the third inning Friday night, Dodgers second baseman Dee Gordon doubled on a ground ball to second against the Rockies (GIF courtesy Chad Moriyama).

Gordon, who is hitting .356/.392/.479 on the season with 12 stolen bases in 13 attempts, reached out and hooked a 1-2 pitch from Colorado starter Jordan Lyles, hitting a bouncing ground ball into the second base hole. Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu ranged over and knocked the ball down, but didn't come up with it and overran the ball as it rolled back onto the infield dirt.

By the time LeMahieu was able to stop his momentum, near the right-field foul line, Gordon was already at first base and the race was on. Gordon, one of the fastest men in baseball, made a hard left and picked up speed on his way to second base and LeMahieu tried to get to the ball, which was in no-man's land with first baseman Justin Morneau covering the bag. No contest, Gordon was safe easily. He then scored on Yasiel Puig's subsequent single, tying the game at 2-2.

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