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Take the Over on Ezekiel Elliott’s Rushing Yards Prop

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Since Ezekiel Elliott’s rookie year in 2016, no running back has more rushing yards than the Cowboys rusher. 

He led the league in his first season with 1,631 yards, rushed for 983 yards in 10 games in 2017, led the league again in 2018 with 1,434 yards and picked up 1,357 rushing yards in 2019. 

Take out his shortened 2017 season and Elliott has never rushed for less than 1,357 yards. Yet the oddsmakers set his rushing total at 1,275 yards with both the over and under set at -110. Sports Illustrated’s gambling analysts Corey Parson and Jaime Eisner spoke discussed Elliott’s rushing yards prop and advise gamblers on taking the over.

Read the full transcript from the interview below:

Kaitlin O'Toole: Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott had twelve touchdowns and ran for over thirteen hundred yards last season. Draft Kings has a new prop bet out on how many yards Elliott will have this year. And joining me now for their insight is exercise, fantasy, and gambling analyst Jamie Eisner. And Corey Parson Corey, the bet is set at twelve hundred and seventy-five and a half yards. Elliott had an average of four and a half yards per carrying last season. Can we expect the same production out of him this year? 


Corey Parson:  Yeah, no doubt, Kaitlin, unless Roger Goodell decides to make up a reason to suspend Zeke Elliott is no reason why he won't go with his yardage total unless he was to get hurt. Of course. And one thing about Zeke Elliot. He's been the pick of durability even at the running back position, said he because he's been in the NFL, he'll easily get over this number. Now, the only thing that people will say about this number is the new head coach, Mike McCarthy. Mike McCarthy is just as tenias in the past at the park as head coach. He has been known to go away from the running game when you have a running back, the talent of a secure Elenore in your backfield. I don't think he'll do that. He'll continue to get fed the rock. There's often still runs through Ezekiel Elliott. So I say this is easy over right here.

Kaitlin O'Toole:  OK, Jaime, you heard we heard Corey's take on this, but I want to get yours, would you take the over or the under on this bet? 

Jaime Eisner: Corey and I are in full agreement, I'm taking the over here as well, he's hit that total every year of his career and even back in twenty seventeen when he missed time due to suspension. He was on pace to go over this. He is going to play 14, 15, 16 games every single year and he is going to hit the silver. And the concern with McCarthy is understandable. But he also had five thousand plus yard rushers, while those with Green Bay, Eddie Lacy did it. Ryan Grant did it. And none of those players or even half as talented as Ezekiel Elliott and all those players got between two hundred forty-six and three hundred and twelve attempts. Elliott still going to get his three hundred thirty plus Rush attempts this year and he's gonna go way over this total.

Kaitlin O'Toole: All right. Oh, here it is, guys. Thank you so much for your insight on this. I really appreciate it. For all the latest fantasy and gambling analysis, stay with