Week 11 brought more twists and turns to the college football season and a shakeup to the college football Power Rankings. Florida State retains its top spot while Alabama moves into the top four in the hunt for the College Football Playoff.

By Martin Rickman
November 11, 2014

Think back to the first time you watched a movie like Memento (if it wasn't spoiled for you ahead of time). You likely allowed yourself to get caught up in the twists and turns, pinned between trying to figure out the mystery and hanging on for the reveal. Now try to think of the most recent time you had a movie-going experience like that.

We spend so much time with information readily available that spoilers are everywhere. Even if you’re actively avoiding learning how something ends, the potential to accidentally overhear it, read it on social media or have it outright mentioned in front of you is too great to ignore. You’re playing Minesweeper with the bombs turned way up. Those rare moments when we are actually in the dark and can get mesmerized by the twists should be treasured. 

Which is what makes this college football season special. There’s no spoiling it. We can predict the end, but we don’t truly know anything yet. Even with just a few weeks remaining.

With that said, here are the Power Rankings after Week 11. They’ll act to serve as another tattoo to remember how we got here and give us instructions along the way.

• ELLIS: Bowl Projections: Who's headed to the playoff, all bowls?

Next five: Oklahoma, Utah, USC, Boise State, Minnesota

• BECHT: College Football Playoff Bubble Watch: Who's in and who's out?

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