Auburn is reportedly investigating whether a part-time academic staffer took an exam for a football player.

By Charlotte Carroll
October 11, 2017

Auburn is investigating whether part-time academic staffer took an exam for at least one football player, ESPN's Outside The Lines reports.

The school reportedly hired a law firm to investigate the alleged incident which occurred with a player from the 2015 team. It was originally reported that the player was on the 2016 team.

However, in a statement to the Montgomery Advertiser, Auburn says the student in question was not a member of the team at the time of the alleged incident, but was a former player who had come back to finish his degree.

The school is investigating whether a mentor for the school's Student-Athlete Support Services department took an online final exam for at least one player, according to ESPN. A tutor reportedly became aware of the incident while reviewing that player's records. The player reportedly told the tutor he did not take the exam. 

After telling the mentor's supervisor, the tutor was told her job would not be renewed, and the tutor then reported the problem to Auburn's compliance director and human resources for the athletic department. 

Auburn's athletic department told ESPN the allegations are "false."

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Auburn has dealt with a variety of legal issues recently, with an assistant basketball coach being arrested in the FBI's probe into corruption and a former softball player filing a Title IX complaint, alleging sexual harassment. 

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