He isn’t wearing pants, but it makes sense. 

By Dan Gartland
December 18, 2017

Whichever team—Texas Tech or South Florida—hoists the trophy after the Birmingham Bowl on Sunday is probably going to be asking, “Why isn’t he wearing pants?” Don’t worry, there’s a good reason. 

The Birmingham Bowl has been around since 2006 but this is the first year that the venerable game has a championship trophy. The figure is stylized after Vulcan, the iconic statue that sits atop Red Mountain, not far from where the game is played. Vulcan was designed by an Italian sculptor to be featured at the 1904 World’s Fair St. Louis as a testament to Birmingham’s iron industry and returned to Alabama later.

The statue has stood high above Red Mountain since before World War II and is a local icon. Oh, and he doesn’t wear pants, which is totally normal because he’s a Roman god. His semi-nudity is a subject of curiosity among locals but its as central to his identity as anything else. So it only makes that the miniature Vulcan being handed out to the winner of the game has no pants either. 

The only potential issue is that Vulcan’s ass appears to be the optimal spot to pick him up from. 

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