Tua Tagovailoa breaks down how he saw the game-winning play unfold.

By Chris Chavez
January 09, 2018

Alabama secured its fifth national championship in nine years on a 42-yard Tua Tagovailoa pass to DeVonta Smith to secure a 26–23 overtime victory over Georgia.

After the game head coach Nick Saban, who won his fifth national championship with the Crimson Tide and tied legendary coach Bear Bryant with six titles, broke down the play in his post-game interview with ESPN.

"I knew we were running Seattle, which is four streaks and when I saw Smitty come open on the other side and Tua threw it, I said 'This is it.'"

Tagovailoa also shared his perspective of the play.

"They tried to disguise their Cover Two. And when I dropped back, I looked at their middle safety down, I mean the Cover Two safety, inside on the third receiver coming over and I just went back outside and Smitty was open so I took the shot and here we are now."

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