Mark Emmert's Total Compensation in 2016 Jumped Up Nearly $500,000 to More Than $2.4 Million

Mark Emmert has been president of the NCAA since October 2010 and saw his total compensation in 2016 raise by almost $500,000.
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In the NCAA's tax return for 2016, it reveals that president Mark Emmert saw his base salary rise 42% from 2015 up to $2,078,075, according to Steve Berkowitz of USA Today.

According to USA Today, the tax returns indicate Emmert's salary increased by just more than $615,000 from the year before while his retirement and other deferred payments dropped by $200,000. Emmert did not receive a bonus in 2016, but he did bring in $290,185 in compensation that was neither salary or bonus pay, which was $70,000 more than the previously reported amount for the most he received in that form of compensation, according to USA Today.

With the pay jump, Emmert was making about as much as the commissioners of the Power Five Conferences, according to USA Today. Greg Sankey of the SEC and Jim Delany of the Big Ten were the two commissioners with the lowest total compensations for 2016 and they brought in around $1.9 million and $2.5 million, respectively, according to USA Today.

Emmert was not the only NCAA official who earned more than $1 million in 2016 though, as former executive vice president for championships and alliances, Mark Lewis, had more than $1.7 million in total compensation that year, according to USA Today.


Lewis left his job with the NCAA in April 2016, and despite not getting fired, he received almost $230,000 in what was called "severance" in addition to more than $925,000 in retirement and other deferred payments, according to USA Today.

There were nine other NCAA executives whose total compensation for 2016 exceeded $450,000, including Oliver Luck, who left the NCAA to become commisioner of the XFL.