Northwestern Silences Shrieking Spectator After Illinois Fans Complained

People were not happy with how this Northwestern student reacts at games.
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People who watched Sunday's college hoops game in which Northwestern hosted Illinois were treated to something special.

The close, 68-66 contest that was won by the home team turned out to be the secondary show, though. The real story of the matchup was one fan's screams that dominated the conversation for Illinois supporters who weren't accustomed to the noise.

The fan is Emily Harriott, and the Chicago Tribune has profiled her enthusiasm for the Wildcats.

But after Sunday, it was determined by the school that too many people complained about The Shrieker, and Emily had to stop with the yelling.

Emily explained to Teddy Greenstein of the Tribune how the school approached her about being quiet.

Harriott is president of NU Wildside, NU’s official student section. She regularly meets with Heather Obering, NU’s director of marketing. At the end of their last conversation, Obering brought up the shrieking.

Harriott said Obering put it like this: "How about we not do that anymore?"

Harriott was caught off guard by the request, explaining: "It caught me a little by surprise because I’ve been doing it for the last three and a half years."

Emily complied, and during Wednesday's game against Iowa, she kept her shrieks to herself as Northwestern fell 73-63.

But it's probably for the best that the school took time to stop the screeching yelps coming from the student section. We don't want too many people making loud noise during a basketball game.