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Ex-Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville Is Leading Alabama's Republican Primary for Senate

The Alabama Senate election is in 2020, but a new poll indicates Tommy Tuberville has to be feeling good about his chances right now.

Who is ready for the possibility of Tommy Tuberville becoming a U.S. Senator?

The former Auburn coach is used to succeeding in Alabama, but not on this scale. However, when you coached college football in the state and had an undefeated team one of the 10 seasons you were there, it makes every other job seem like a piece of cake.

I like to think that was part of his thought process when he first announced he was going to run for the state's Senate seat that will be voted on in 2020.

And now, a little more than eight months before the Republican primary, a new poll shows that Tuberville is leading the competition.

If Tuberville holds on to this lead, he'll face Sen. Doug Jones, the Democrat who won the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions back in 2017 and also graduated from the University of Alabama.

So yeah, if Tuberville wants the Senate seat, he'll need to win another Iron Bowl. Or is it the Iron Election?

Either way, he still has to win the primary, so let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

But there have to be a lot of Tigers fans ready to hit the polls for him—and at least a handful of Crimson Tide fans ready to go against him on principle.