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San Diego State Beats Utah in Triple Overtime After Two-Point Conversion is Overturned

It took San Diego State three overtimes to escape with a win over Utah on Saturday. Utah seemingly converted the two-point conversion to tie it up at 33 and send the game to quadruple overtime, but the conversion was overturned and the game came to a merciful end. 

Wide receiver Connor O'Toole hauled in the catch, but he bobbled the ball and it was ruled incomplete to end the game. But before that, the two teams traded big plays in a shoot out.

The new college football overtime rules stipulate that in the second overtime, teams have to run a two-point conversion after a touchdown. If the game goes to a third overtime period, then teams will alternate two-point conversions. 

Utah sent it into OT with less than 20 seconds in the fourth quarter via a touchdown pass from Cameron Rising to Theo Howard and followed up with a two-point conversion to tie it at 24.

San Diego State sent it to double overtime thanks to a pass from Lucas Johnson to tight end Jay Rudolph for a touchdown to answer Utah's score. Both teams missed field goals in the second overtime and went to triple overtime tied at 33 before the eventual controversial call on the failed two-point conversion to end it. 

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