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Can Spencer Rattler Lead Oklahoma to Sixth Straight Big 12 Championship?

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The Sooners have won 11 or more games in six of the last seven seasons and won the Big 12 conference five straight years. Lincoln Riley has won 12 games in each of his first three seasons as the Sooners head coach but there are some concerns over the amount of success Oklahoma will have in 2020. Most of those concerns regard redshirt freshman Spencer Rattler. Oklahoma has had exceptional quarterbacks the last three years with Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray both winning the Heisman trophy and Jalen Hurts finishing as a Heisman Trophy finalist. writer John Hoover joined Sports Illustrated’s gambling analyst Frank Taddeo and discussed if gamblers should take the over or under for their win total. Watch the video above and check out the transcript from their conversation.

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Bill Enright: The Oklahoma Sooners have done nothing but win double-digit games that have finished first in the Big Twelve conference into 2015. What are they going to do in 2020? Let's find out by going to our gambling analyst, Frank Taddeo, and John Hoover from Frank, I'll start with you. Give me the win total for Oklahoma in 2020. 

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, Bill, right now the sportsbooks have their season win, a total number set at 10, moderately juiced to the under AD odds of a dollar forty-five. And I have to say, I tend to agree to where the juice is going right now. I love the potential with Spencer Rattler Learning Riley's system. But for me, I think the double-digit season is just too much to expect from the Red Shirt freshman. 

I'm not so sure that we're going to he's not going to make any kind of mistakes that you have, that one difficult game that stands out. The Red River rivalry against Texas, where they're all the oddsmakers, only has them installed as early two and a half point favorites. That's a game where a potential mistake could, you know, obviously, go either way for me. I love the overall ability and the potential of the rattler, but I just not so sure that they're gonna be able to get to ten wins this season. For me, Bill, the play is on the under double-digit win, so I'll be going under 10 in 2020 for Oklahoma. 

Bill Enright: John, let me go over to you would be a shock to see the Sooners not get to at least double-digit wins in this season or double digits, maybe 10, ten and a half.

John Hoover: Listen, I'm gonna go with the over on this one. Oklahoma, five of the last five years, they've been over 10 wins. Six of the last seven, they've been over 10 wins. All they do is you mentioned, Bill, is win, win, win the big twelve conference, five in a row now looking for a six peat. What could get them ultimately? Is, as we mentioned, Spencer Rattler, first-year starting quarterback, probably he's still got to win the job, but he's got to go up in that Red River shootout. He's going to go up against Sam Ellinger, who's nouse for your starter in a senior. Those odds when you make when you start mixing and matching what this quarterback has done in this game versus what that quarterback has done always favor the more experienced quarterback. So that's one they've got to go on the road to West Virginia, on the road to Texas Tech, on the road to Iowa State. They've got a visiting army in the noncom. So there are some sketchy games where you look at it as a whole and say, boy, they're going to get there. But again, Lincoln, Riley, 12, wins each of his three seasons. I'm going to take the over on this. 

Bill Enright:  All right. I thought or a second, you going to take the under based on what you're saying? Glad to see you have some faith in the sooner's. We are breaking down the power conferences for every team and going with their gambling previews. You can find it by going to