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Stellar, Standard & Subpar 2021: DE Donovan Ezeiruaku

A look at an exciting defensive end who could play a good role for the Eagles in '21.

The summer is here and college football is right around the corner. As we get closer to the season, BC Bulletin will be previewing each player and projecting out three different options that could happen in the 2021 season. We are going in numerical order, and have already completed over a dozen players (the list is at the bottom of the post). Today we look at defensive end Donovan Ezeiruaku, a fierce pass rusher from New Jersey. 

Ezeiruaku, joined the team this spring and already had some time with the team. He stands ready to become a contributor early for the Eagles, whether that happens this year or next year remains to be seen. SI All American, who had him on their watch list had this to say about him in their scouting report. 

"There are linebackers and edge-types who have better size than Ezeiruaku, however, the New Jersey native offers good versatility. He can hold his own at the point on the edge, yet also has solid awareness to play in underneath zone coverage concepts. Ezeiruaku can work as an Edge, but could also fare well as a Sam or even as a Will ‘backer in a 4-3 defensive front seven."


Ezeiruaku steps in and immediately grabs a spot in the defensive end rotation on the team. Whether that is due to injury, formation specific, or he just earns it, he gets big time snaps in 2021. He showcases good pass rushing skills, and looks to be a major part of the defense moving forward. 



Ezeiruaku is a role player, grabbing some snaps here and there throughout the season. Not a huge player on the defense, he is however a name that pops up and makes some plays. Sets himself up nicely to be either a starter or backup for 2022. 


Just not there yet to play at the collegiate level. Grabs a handful of snaps against teams like UMass and Colgate but for the most part is used mostly in practice. Could be ready to go in 2022, but also might need some time to continue to grow in the defense. 

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