Would you rather drink it or throw it in Goodell’s face?

By Dan Gartland
September 07, 2017

Most people agree that Patriots fans are generally a rather contemptible bunch, but they are still capable of doing good things. For example: they’re really going to let Roger Goodell have it tonight in Foxborough. 

After dodging Patriots fans for two years in the wake of Deflategate, Goodell is finally attending a game at Gillette Stadium. And Pats fans are planning quite the welcome for him. Goodell said he’s expecting Pats fans to show “passion” and “loyalty,” which is certainly one way to put it. The dudes at Barstool Sports are trying to give anti-Goodell towels to every person in the stadium, but fans certainly won’t need props to express their disdain. A few fans may even be lubricated by a beverage being offered Davio’s, a restaurant adjacent to the stadium, called the Dirty Goodell.  

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That’s vodka, ginger liqueur, bitters, lime juice and soda water. Sounds perfect for throwing in the commish’s face. 

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