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Watch Roy Hibbert Shoot Paintballs from His Perspective

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Earlier this year, Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert tried to wear a monocle to his post-game press conference, but was talked out of it by teammate Paul George and Pacers director of media relations David Benner.

Fortunately, it's the offseason, so George and Benner (probably) aren't around to spoil more of Hibbert's fun. The big man has upgraded his eyewear though, from the 18th century monocle to something decidedly 21st century -- the Google Glass.

In a series titled "Roy Hibbert & Google Glass", the 26-year-old Pacer is offering fans a look at his offseason routine, from his own point of view, courtesy of those Google specs.

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Here he is playing paintball in a clip that looks uncannily like a first person shooter video game:


he did this.