By Ryan Glasspiegel
November 06, 2013

SIRIUS XM Radio Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft-Times Square Mark Von Holden/Getty Images

My hatred of fantasy football has reached an all-time high this season. I got roped into playing, my team sucks, and my friends constantly ask me for advice.

So I sympathize with the plight of Graham Davis, a man chronicled by the DC Sports Bog, who didn't really want to spend $100 on his annual league's new buy-in fee. He posted a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post soliciting sponsorship for his team in return for naming rights and a share in the winnings, and his friend Tony Zaslav, the proprietor of Endless Waters, a firm that delivers water coolers, actually did it (the team named ended up as "Gumption 2.1 Powered By Endless Waters").

With publicity like this, you've gotta feel that Zaslav is going to end up with a pretty sizable return on investment.


DC Sports Bog

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