WWE's John Cena Teaches You How To Flop Just Like Your Favorite NBA Stars

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Despite David Stern's attempts to rid the NBA of flopping, the league still suffers from the embellishment of contact on a regular basis. As much as the flop is hated among fans, it is a useful tactic. Some of the league's brightest and biggest stars, like Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade, happen to be two of the biggest floppers around. They've won games with flops.

So, for all you aspiring hoopers out there who want to make it to the league, learning how to flop is almost as important as, say, learning how to shoot, or learning how to be 6'8 with a 7'3 wingspan.

And who better to teach the world how to exaggerate contact and fake being hurt than professional wrestlers? Here's WWE superstar John Cena, arguably the most polarizing figure in wrestling history, with an instructional video on how to master the flop.